Top 3 things you can’t find on the internet.

Top 3 things you can’t find on the internet.

So many different people talk about all the things you can find on the internet, but no one talks about the things that you can’t find on the internet.  And these days it seems like you can find almost anything on the internet.

Well let’s take a quick look and see what the top 3 things you can’t find on the internet are:

1. You can’t find one belief or viewpoint that everyone in the world agrees with.

That’s just human nature, we simply can’t all agree on one thing.  This is probably the best and worst of our being.  Best because it creates diversity, interest, and differences between each other.  Worst because it causes conflicts, separation, and problems.  But in the end each to their own, and it’s important that we understand not only our viewpoints but that of other people.  Now this applies to everything from why someone likes vanilla more than chocolate to much deeper beliefs.  Either way understanding other people and their beliefs will not only help you understand the world better but it may also help you understand your customer better, resulting in higher customer retention and new customer growth.

2. You can’t find a smell.

But you can still see the pictures.  So if you were running a online flower store or a restaurant then smellernet would be ideal for your business.  And until we are able to break into that level of technology, we’re going to have to make due with what we’ve got.  If you don’t have smell then retreat to vision.  Make sure your sweet smelling roses look like they have a rich fragrant smell.  Make your fresh baked molten chocolate cake look as good as your customers think it’ll smell.  All too often I’ve seen sites with poor pictures and poor content.  If these are the only sensory traits left for a web surfer then you need to utlize them to the fullest.  Make your product look as good as it would smell and/or taste.  Write visually descriptive content about smell of your product so that your customer can almost taste it in their mouth.  Make sure they know what they are missing by not being at the store.

3. “Waterproof Red Spotted Purple Elephant Wing Feathers”

True, there may be no such thing as waterproof red spotted purple elephant wing feathers but even this search resulted in 2480 listings.  Odd and interesting but alas, useless if you were really trying to find these magical feathers.  This is a great example of search engines coming up with things that don’t match the original search term.   It’s also important to recognize that internet search technology is not perfect therefore gaps are expected in the process.  Just don’t let yourself fall into one of those gaps.  Make sure that you stay as relevant to your customer as possible through specific keywords and phrases.

In reality I do believe that you can find almost anything on the internet but the problem is that sometimes there’s so much junk and clutter on top of it that you’ll never see it.  So layers and layers of non-pertinent information make for poor useless information.  Try to break through the clutter and make sure that you are getting your information out to the masses through targeted marekting campaigns.  This is the only effective and direct way to get to your customers.